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What's New For 2018?

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06 . 03 . 2018

Top of the Gulf Regatta's successful formula includes the venue, Ocean Marina Yacht Club, the four-day format (three days for the dinghies), the friendly après-regatta scene at the yacht club and much more. All of this remains unchanged for 2018, however, to ensure the best possible experience for participants we are always keen to improve and tweak the formula.

Here are some of the key changes for 2018.


All-In Final Party – Traditionally the Optimist and dinghy classes finish their three day regatta the day before the keelboats and multihulls but this year, they will start one day later and all classes will finish together and join in the final night's Gala Dinner at Ocean Marina Yacht Club making it bigger and better than ever.


Live Results – results for the keelboat and multihull classes will be posted to the regatta website immediately after each race has completed. The results system is mobile-friendly and people will be able to follow on their mobile (or desktop) devices in near real time.


ASAF Youth Sailing Cup Warm Up – Held immediately after the Top of the Gulf Regatta is the ASAF Youth Sailing Cup (2 – 3 May) at Royal Varuna Yacht Club just down the coast, making the Top of the Gulf Regatta an opportunity for sailors to familiarize themselves with local conditions beforehand.


Maximise Racing Time – New courses and improved class splits will mean less down time on the water and more time racing. The aim is to make the most of the conditions and while there is good wind, to keep sailors racing, within the parameters of the Sailing Instructions of course.


New Menu At The Sailor's Bar – a revamped menu is now available for sailors, friends and guests at Ocean Marina Yacht Club's Sailor's Bar. In addition to popular favourites, a new range of dishes and drinks have also been added to ensure everybody is suitably refreshed.


Photo by Guy Nowell.