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Hot boat looking for playmates for Top of the Gulf Regatta

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14 . 03 . 2019

The sporty VX One, "Over Here", is the first of its kind to be imported to Thailand and co-owners Neil Semple and Morten Jacobsen put it through its paces at the Phuket King's Cup Regatta last December (2018).

Don’t let the yacht's size (around 5.8m) fool you; the cockpit is roomy and it's lightweight and fast for its size. At the Phuket King's Cup Regatta the yacht proved it can be competitive when racing under IRC, competing against more conventional boats up to 12.5 metres in length, and still ending up on the podium.

Having arrived in Thailand in November 2018, the co-owners are keen to re-energise sports boat racing in the Gulf of Thailand and take on all-comers at the Top of the Gulf Regatta.

Previously a strong class at the regatta, sports boats haven't raced in the last few years and the “Over Here” owners hope to change that.

According to the yacht's co-owners:
“Known sports boat designs which reside in South East Asia are: Shaw 650 (several), Thomson 590 and other Thomson designs, MINI 650, SB20 (>25 boats), Longtze, J24, J70, J80, JS9000, Farr30 and MC31 – there are probably more lightweight and fast boats under 10 metres in length in the region. For Top of the Gulf Regatta, sporty but more conventional day sailer/ racer classes like Etchells and Solings are invited to also take part.”

The 25-foot Platus, while also in the sports boat category, will have their own fleet at the Top of the Gulf Regatta as they do every year.

If you're interested to enter a sports boat, contact the regatta organisers on If you'd like to discuss ideas and belong to an email list/ WhatsApp group for sports boats in SE Asia, please contact and 


Photo Credit: Guy Nowell.