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Gulf of Thailand Rolls Out The Red Carpet for Foreign-Flagged Yachts

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01 . 03 . 2017

A new ruling introduced towards the end of 2016 for the Gulf of Thailand about the temporary importation of visiting foreign yachts, is opening up the region and making it easier for foreign-flagged yachts to visit and stay for extended periods.

Upon arrival foreign-flagged yachts can now apply for a six month stay at the Customs Department in the Pattaya area, which can be extended a further six months and beyond.

“In the past, foreign vessels entering Pattaya were given a relatively short period for temporary importation. This has now changed. The Customs Department in Pattaya have agreed that the “Temporary Importation Permit for Visiting Foreign Vessels” will allow international yachts a period of six months stay which can be extended in-country, opening up the region's potential to visiting yachts from overseas,” commented Mrs. Montira Cherdchoo, Director of Map Ta Phut Customs House, The Customs Department.

“We have been working with the Customs Department and various authorities on ways to support growth of the Gulf of Thailand's marine industry. This change in interpretation of the ruling for visiting foreign vessels is an excellent first step and since it was applied we have seen an increase in the number of foreign vessels visiting the area and spending time exploring the Gulf of Thailand,” said Mr. Scott Finsten, Harbour Master, Ocean Marina Yacht Club.

As the number of yachts to the region grows, Pattaya will become the hub for refit and repair and being home to South East Asia's largest marina, Ocean Marina, will become the base from which to explore the Gulf of Thailand's 187 islands.

Photo Source: Pattaya Boat Charter.